Project details

Project Type:Flake Graphite

Location:Okanagan Highlands east of Vernon British Columbia

Highlights:Disseminated large flake graphite (battery grade material) in a weathered matrix. 2015 trenching 100’ (30 meters) 2.73% graphitic carbon. In similar geologic setting as the Black Crystal Graphite operation to the east.

Ownership: 100% Lithium Corporation

Material: Graphite

Size: 2,947 acres (1,192 hectares)

Access: Good access on forestry roads from Lumby and Cherry Creek, BC.

The BC Sugar claim block lies within the Vernon Mining District in the Park Ranges of the Monashee Mountains.

Our strategy for graphite exploration

The BC Sugar claim block lies within the Vernon Mining District in the Park Ranges of the Monashee Mountains. It is on the western margin of the Shushwap Metamorphic Complex, a block of higher grade metamorphic rocks in the Canadian Cordillera. The block is underlain predominately by quartz biotite gneisses, quartz biotite graphite gneiss, graphitic calc-silicate gneiss, and +/- graphitic marbles in the central and northern extremities, with Eocene felsic intrusives predominantly to the south.

The property is about 60 miles (100kms) northwest of Eagle Graphite’s operation at Hoder Creek in the Slocan area, which is one of only two natural flake graphite production facilities in North America. The BC Sugar property exhibits similar geologic and mineralogical characteristics to this property. Prospecting in summer/fall of 2013 discovered several showings or prospect areas which occur along a WNW – ESE trend on the property, with the Weather Station prospect immediately above Mabel Lake, the more central Taylor Creek area, and the Sugar Lake prospect to the east showing the most promise presently. Abundant flake graphite has been discovered in these areas in the 3 – 5% range.

In spring 2015 Ground Probing Radar (GPR) and Frequency-Domain EM surveys were conducted here, followed by trenching in Fall 2015. The trenching program uncovered a zone of friable, easily excavatable calc-silicate material containing disseminated graphite mineralization, which is ideal for processing/graphite extraction. The entire 227 feet (69 meter) interval that was sampled averaged 1.997% graphitic carbon, with mineralization remaining open in all directions. Within that interval there was a 98 foot (30 meter) section that averaged 2.73% graphitic carbon, and within that interval there was a 12 meter section that averaged 2.99% graphitic carbon.

BC Sugar

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